What is Tinkink ?

Well, it’s previously called “Maiyatang”. Now it’s called “Tinkink”, a more international name.

The domain name is also changed to tinkink.net.

Why changing the name ?

Althrough it’s not very clear what we will do in the future, but we feel that the global market is a big picture for us. So if we release a new product, we should make it available to the global market.

With this idea, we quickly realized that the name “Maiyatang” is not easy to read or remember for most people. So we decided to change the name to “Tinkink”.

What does Tinkink means ?

Tinkink is not really a word, althrough you can get a translation in Google Translate and DeepL. DeepL thinks this word means a series of sounds of bells.

What’s next ?

As the changing of domain name is in process, we need more efforts to finish it. Then, we will change most of our products / websites to English or multi-languages.


  • Name Change: from “Maiyatang” to “Tinkink”
  • Domain Name Change: from “maiyatang.co” to “tinkink.net”
  • Product / Website Change: to English or multi-languages